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Cheapest quote guaranteed on any private power pole installation. Quotes include power pole supplied and installed with Level 2 connection and fittings

Old switchboards at some point need upgrading as well as repair as a result of weather and faults. We keep costs down and provide a complete break down

If you’ve received a Defect Notice get in touch and we can take care of it for you. Defect Notice Repairs are usually straight forward and can be completed fast

Whether you’ve recently built a new home or simply need to reconnect to the power grid. Our level 2 electrical connections team are a phone call away

Planning on building? Repairing a switchboard? There are many reasons why customers need to disconnect from the mains. Whatever the reason, we can help

24 hour level 2 electrician services provide emergency electrical repairs and connections as well as disconnections for a variety of reasons. Call us after hours or anytime for help

What Is a Level 2 Electrician?

Level 2 electricians install, repair and maintain mains power. This includes the connection and disconnection of mains power. Level 2 electricians also specialise in two key areas that being the main switchboard of a house or business and the underground or overhead supply to the switchboard We work on the mains power supplied to your home, business or construction site. This could be either overhead (Aerial) connections using private power pole or direct connection to the eaves (point of attachment). It can also be via underground power supply, which is trenched and connected via Green Box and then routed to your switchboard and energy providers meter. Both services can be supplied by a Loax Local Level 2 Electricians. We will also take care of the Smart Meter application process as well as the installation of the service to the power grid. 

Sydney Level 2 Service provider for over a decade

Level 2 Service Provider Sydney

Loax Level 2 Electrician Sydney Private pole replacement Chatswood

Wether you need a private power pole installed or simply a disconnection form the consumer mains. A Loax level 2 electrician is only a phone call away. Loax is super popular due to the cheap level 2 electrician rates we provide our regular customers. Level 2 electrical services should not cost an arm and a leg. Get a quote today and see the Loax Level 2 difference 

Local level 2 service near you, helping hundreds of Aussies stay connected every year. The friendly LOAX team provide a range of level 2 and standard electrical services. Get a quote below 

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Level 2 ASP Sydney

What's The Difference Between A Standard Electrician and A Level 2 Electrician Working In Sydney?

A standard electrician cannot work past the meter box. Meaning they must call a level 2 electrician for anything relating to power connections between the electricity provider and the property they are working on. Level 2 electricians work with high voltage cables usually passing into a house or business through the main service lines. Meaning anything relating to private power pole installation, meter board upgrades, new electrical connections and disconnections before demolition needs to be carried out by a licensed level 2 electrician in Sydney

Do You NEED Level 2 Electrical Services?

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Private Power Pole Installation

Temporary and Permanent Power Pole Installations

We supply and install temporary power poles for new construction sites. A full size pole for an overhead supply or half size for underground supply.

Private power pole installation is cheap and we can also replace damaged existing power poles if required. Get in touch below

Meter Box Upgrade installation and replacement electrician Sydney Switchboard repairs near me

Switchboard Repair & Upgrade Service

Switchboard Upgrades Repairs and Services Sydney Wide

Installation of new meter box for electricity supply. Repairing defective meter boxes. Supply and installation of temporary meter boxes for construction sites and we hire meter boxes where needed.

All Level 2 ASP work is carried out in accordance with NSW standards and compliance 

Smart Meter Installation-Sydney-Parramatta-Liverpool

3 Phase and Solar Meter Upgrade

3 phase Upgrade Service & Smart Solar meters Installations

Disconnection of the main power  before commencing demolition on a new project. Upgrade to Smart meter for Solar upgrade. Upgrades from 1 phase to 3 phase power. Installing smart meter and upgrading Mains and Sub mains power cables


Level 2 ASP Sydney

Engage a level 2 ASP service provider who is located in Sydney and knows their work

24 Hour Electrician Loax

Whether your site is large or small, our level 2 technicians get the job done. From industrial Main Switch Boards to residential meter boards we have the technical expertise to ensure your power stays on. 

Getting Jobs Done Right, Level 2 Electrician Works Across Sydney

Take a closer look at the Level 2 Electrical Service work we do across a range of suburbs within and around Sydney, Parramatta and Liverpool CBD's. Centrally located in Regents Park NSW, we are able to get to your site quickly and affordably

Your Local Level 2 Electrician Near Me

Why "Local" Matters

LOAX is local to Sydney customers. Our head office/warehouse is located in Regents Park. Our central location allows our level 2 electricians to come out to your job site quickly. This saves customers both time and money. Don’t get charged for a level 2 electrician from outside the Sydney metro area. Being local to all Sydney suburbs means we can get to you especially if the work is required urgently. We provide a range of level 2 electrical services at an affordable price. Our prices are set to be affordable and help Australians stay connected. Call our office team to book a Level 2 ASP in your area today or to simply get a quote on 0291891576

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