Why You Need Temporary Construction Site Power

Construction sites across Sydney require temporary power. Most common reasons include machinery operation and to charge batteries for power tools.

Specifically most sites need to use a electrical power tool from time to time which may need more power than a battery operated tool.

Such equipment may include cement mixers, power sanders and grinders or heavy digging or demolition tools.

Simply relying on batteries can leave you with unnecessary delays when batteries become empty.

The distribution boards or main power boards we provide construction sites and our builders are temporary and specifically for construction. Power boards are for hire, and most builders refer to them as distribution boards. Distribution boards are necessary addition on construction and building sites in 2023.

The temporary power boards we hire to construction sites are 100% Australian made.

The boards are made of aluminium and steel enclosures. They are 100% weatherproof and can be locked to prevent unauthorised access.

The board can be setup for both single phase and 3 phase power depending on our customers requirement.

In addition the boards are pre fixed for additional communications and cable management. Usually through a hole located at the bottom of the board with fixtures running internally.

Is temporary board hire cheap?

Is Temporary Board Hire Cheap?

Power board hire for construction is cheap and essential to running a smooth construction project.

Builders are hiring these distribution boards because they advance the building site quickly. Reducing delays and having necessary power for contractors alike.

Temporary power board or distribution board hire for construction site in Sydney

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