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Rapid electrical response and service guaranteed as a 24 hour Level 2 Electrician in Bondi. Providing live power connections, disconnections, emergency electrical services private power pole installations and much more across Bondi NSW and it’s surrounding suburbs. Contact Loax, your local Level 2 electrician in Bondi


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EV Charger Installation

Loax is Sydney's Most Popular EV Charger Installation Company

Although electric vehicles (EV) are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney the demand for EV charger installation is also just as popular. But what are some of the pitfalls of bad EV charger installations? Well a bad charger installer can cause short circuits, huge spikes in electricity costs, not to mention damage to your switchboard or solar power system (if you have one installed). There is so much that can go pear shaped if you are not careful with the installations process. Why is it a big deal? Well did you know that your EV charger far exceeds every single electrical item in your house? A typical EV charger will pull use about 7000 Watts of electricity. This is far more than even your air conditioning system. It’s crazy to think that this can be left in the hands of a novice or an electrician who has never installed EV chargers before. Which is most of the cases we have come across. With Loax your not just getting a electrician. You’re actually getting installed by an accredited and licensed Level 2 electrician who installs the EV charger with expert knowledge.

Level 2 Electrical Discounts For Bondi Customers

Private Power Pole Installation From Only

$ 899 Private Power Pole Installed With Fittings

Emergency Level 2 Electrician From Only

$ 149 Emergency Level 2 Electrician Service Only $149

Defect Notice Electrical Repairs From Only

$ 125 Electrical Defect & Meter Board Repairs From Only $125

Upgrade to 3 Phase power From Only

$ 800 Single Phase to 3 Phase upgrade service

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Could not recommend these guys enough, from get go they have been nothing but helpful with all our inquiries and services. Great team who really take care of their customers. Thanks again for the incredible work Loax.
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William Blaketh
Bondi Business Owner

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Qualified Level 2 Electrician Bondi

Level 2 Connection and Disconnections

Whether you're building or renovating in Sydney. And looking at connecting power, disconnecting power or reconnecting your existing mains power supply we can help. Our prices are super affordable as we do this type of work frequently

Private Power Pole Installation

Although more and more houses across Sydney are now being built with a private power pole installed. You can still replace existing structures with a brand new private power pole. Power pole replacement is just as popular as new power pole installations

Electrical Defect Repairs

Do you live in Sydney? Have you been hit with a Defect Repair Notice? Not sure what to do? A level 2 electrician is needed to repair the defect and submit the works completed to your local energy provider. Don't get stung with expensive quotes

Our Electrical Work This Year In Sydney

Defect Notice Repairs
New Level 2 Connections
Power Disconnections
Private Power Poles Installed

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A Little About Bondi Demographic

In the heart of Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Bondi reigns supreme as an iconic coastal destination celebrated for its sun-drenched beaches and vibrant culture. Behind its picturesque façade lies a silent necessity that keeps Bondi buzzing – the demand for Level 2 electrical services.

Bondi isn’t just about surf and sand; it’s a thriving commercial hub with beachfront cafes, boutiques, and local enterprises. These businesses depend on a robust electrical infrastructure to cater to locals and tourists alike. Level 2 electrical services form the backbone of this commercial zest, managing complex electrical systems, delivering essential maintenance, and providing swift responses during electrical emergencies.

Electricians In Bondi

Bondi’s unique blend of coastal vitality, commercial verve, and sustainability consciousness creates a distinctive electrical tapestry. Level 2 electrical services are the unsung maestros who ensure that lights remain radiant, businesses flourish, and the community advances toward a greener, more electrifying future. In Bondi, the demand for Level 2 electrical services isn’t just practical; it’s the electrical symphony that keeps this coastal gem humming in harmony with the times.

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It's a bold claim, but one we can stand by. Get a free quote and see the Loax difference

Your local Sydney level 2 Electrician expertise

Emergency Level 2 Electrical Service Response Times

Although level 2 electricians are usually booked out or too busy with every day customers. We assure our Sydney based customers specifically our local Bondi clients that we will attend to any standard work request within 24-48 hours. For any emergency level 2 service requests we provide a 2 hour response time or sooner. Loax has built a reputation for being reliable and keeping our promise no matter the time. 

Accredited Level 2 Electrician in Bondi

Although we are the accredited local Level 2 Electrical team in Sydney. We specialise in a few key areas of services. These include private electrical power pole installation, Electrical Defect Notice Repairs, Meter Box Electrical Repairs, Temporary Construction Site Power Connections. As well as these main services our unique response to emergency electrician repair requests has been our most sought after service since our inception

24 Hour Electrician Loax

Important Level 2 Electrical Tips For Your Property

Correct installation is crucial for a safe site and efficient level 2 power supply. Not following electrical standards will result in costly breakdowns and expensive fines from the power authorities and regulators. As your Level 2 electrical service, Loax does not compromise on our standard of work. When disconnection of electrical cables are required for demolition. You can count on Loax for level 2 electrical works. We are accredited by Ausgrid, Endeavour Origin and Energy Australia as level 2 electricians in Bondi. Allowing our electricians to connect and disconnect supply of electricity and provide switchboard repairs and power

Handy Checklist For
Bondi Customers

Loax's Level 2 Electrical Standards

Looking For A Level 2 Electrician Near Me?

Loax level 2 services have been made simple for our customers. We’ve cut out the technical jargon to offer a down to earth approach to level 2 electrician services. Operating 7 days a week we’re happy to work out a time of day that best for you. We have the right electricians with the right tools to help with all jobs big or small. Whether your cables are faulty, need temporary site power installation, switchboard repaired, upgraded, new smart meter or even a new private power pole installation we are here to help. Your return business is important to us so you can rest assured our level 2 electricians in Bondi will always do their best.

The Emergency Level 2 Electrician Near You

What To Do During An Electrical Blackout?

During a electrical power blackout you should start trouble shooting by checking to see if your neighbours if they have also lost power. If your neighbours have lost power or all the streetlights are out, then the problem is probably a distribution outage. 

24 Hour Electrician Bondi

An electrical emergency can be alarming and dangerous. It is important that you stay clear of live electrical cables, stay at least 8 meters from any fallen power lines. If you are evacuated during floods, it is best to switch electrical power supply off at the meter box to prevent short circuits and fire hazards while you are away. Our Level 2 electrical services in Sydney can help make to make sure everything is safe when returning.

Electrical Outages in Bondi

You can check and report outages on the Ausgrid, Endeavour or Origin energy websites. The distributor usually indicates how long you are likely to be without power. You could also call your Loax your local level 2 electrician company in Bondi for detailed instructions or emergency electrical support. If you’re alone in having no power the most likely cause is usually a tripped fuse in the meter board. Check your fuse box and flick any switches in the off position back to on. If your unsure if it’s safe to turn switches back on call us. Loax is your local level 2 electrician in Bondi, so we're more than happy to help

Frequently Asked Questions By Sydney Customers

Below Are The Most Frequently Asked Level 2 Electrical Questions & Answers

Is Installing a Private Power Pole Worth It?

Most new homes being built install a private power pole. The reason being that the connection to the pole is safer and running cables to the pole from the street looks much neater than simply running the cables to the eaves and other precarious locations 

Can I upgrade My Single Phase To 3 Phase

Although most homes are now opting for a 3 phase connection when construction begins. There are still thousands of homes with a single phase connection. Many homes can upgrade their connection from single phase to 3 phase in order to use certain appliances such as induction cooktops. 

At what Stage Of Building Should I Disconnect My Power From The Point of Attachment

One of the first steps prior to demolition is the disconnection of your mains power supply. Your mains may be connected from the point of attachment located sometimes on the eaves or a separate power pole or structure. If you require temporary power installation this can be provided by a licensed level 2 electrician

My electricity bills are unusually high? What is going on and who can fix it?

If this has happened to you don’t worry this is a common problem. Firstly we need to isolate the problem and test where the fault is coming from. Once isolated we can determine if it a faulty appliance, power outlet, cable or if its occurring from the switchboard. The problem can be isolated and fixed after some testing

Can My Electrician Disconnect Or Reconnect My Power?

No. A licensed level 2 electrician must carry out all works pertaining to mains power. Even a switchboard upgrade must be completed by a level 2 electrician in Sydney as per NSW BSCAA safety guidelines

What Electrical Work Can I Carry Out Myself?

Basic home maintenance such as replacing a light bulb or a smoke detector. But anything relating to electrical circuits and electricity flow requires a licensed electrician

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