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Have you received a Defect Notice and don’t know what to expect? Don’t hesitate to contact and talk to our Level 2 ASP Electrical Team, who are more than happy to help you through the process

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What is An Electrical Defect Notice?


Firstly an Electrical Defect Notice is a notice given by Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy to notify the tenant that their electrical connection does not comply with electrical standards. In NSW, the connection must fulfil safety standards provided by Ausgrid Network and regulation under NSW Electricity Supply Act 1995 and Electricity (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2006. 

Why did I receive a Defect Notice?


Over time, cables and electrical equipment can become damaged and decrease in quality. This often occurred due to unforeseen circumstances or exposure various elements. For instance, when a defect notice is issued, it is mandatory to contact a local Level 2 Authorised Service Provider (ASP) Electrician. The electrician will further investigate and repair the defect issue. In other words, this specific task must be carried by a Level 2 ASP Electrician. The task must be carried by Level 2 ASP Electricians  because they are equipped with training, skills, tools and certified to resolve defects on the electrical supply to operate.

Common Causes For an Electrical Defect Notice To Be Issued

There are a few possible circumstances that can cause defects to consumer main cables, which include (but are not limited to)

Overgrown trees are the responsibility of the home owner. Alot of owners don’t know that trees and branches interefring with power lines or main boards must be trimmed or cleared in order to avoid fire and damage

Cables that are either damaged by construction, fire and other hazards must be replaced at the owners cost

Wiring which is faulty either at the meter or from the street to the meter must also be repaired if a defect notice is issued

Overhead power lines that are dangerously low hanging are a major red flag for energy providers. These are commonly visible and will attract a defect notice repair ticket on sight

Any cables and wiring leading to the meter box again which has been damaged is the responsibility of the property owner. So long as the cable are identified as damaged from within the property itself. Outside of the property is the responsibility of the energy provider 

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Who Do I Contact if I've Received A Electrical Defect Notice?

Report of inspection - Customer Defect Alerts

Issued by either Endeavour Energy or Ausgrid in NSW, the notice is an official warning that indicates the electrical connection is no longer meeting safety standard. Legally you are required to contact your local Level 2  Electrician within 21 days and arrange for repairs.

Contact a licensed Level 2 ASP Service Provider. Since you are already on our page, contact us! Our Level 2 Electrician is licensed to carry out remedial repair work on Consumer Mains Power. Once the work is complete, our Level 2 ASP will sign off on the service which verify the repairs. 

What Happens Once I Call A Repairer?

Firstly a Loax electrical defect repairer will come out to you to assess the issue. Once done they can formulate a plan to repair the defect. In most cases the electrical defect repair work can be completed that same day if approved by you. Electrical defects are issued with different levels. Furthermore, the severity of the defect will determine the duration you are required to act. As a result, the more serious defect on your electricity, disconnection is necessary, to prevent potential loss of life. Less serious defects allow for 21 days typically to have the issue repaired. It is important not to ignore the notice. Moreover, with the guidance of our level 2 ASP electrician we will assist you through the process of rectification. Electrical Defect Notices are more common for older properties which become worn and defective over time

How Much Does An Electrical Defect Repair Service Cost?

Cost of repairs depend entirely on the Defect Notice and the Electrical Defect. In most cases, Loax Level 2 Electricians do everything possible to keep costs to the customer down and ensure the work is carried out correctly. Defect repairs are hard to estimate without a site visit. The number of issues can range quite frequently making it almost impossible to provide a rough figure or price. However the repairs are always doable and to date we have not had a defect repair we could not fix. To get an estimate or for further assistant, contact us with details of your Defect Notice in hand

What Do Customers Say About Our Defect Notice Services?

Previous Customers With Defect Notice Issues

"I have an old style home in Western Sydney with old wiring. I received a Defect Notice from Ausgrid and was worried about what to do. I called Beajan from Loax and he literally had this resolved for me within an hour. I am forever thankful, being a senior we are very budget conscious. The repair bill was not a shock. I highly recommend Beajan and his team to anyone who has a similar issue"
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Sarah Brankavoich
Five Dock NSW


Most frequent questions and answers about Electrical Defect Notices

Your first point of contact should always be the energy provider who flagged the defect. 

This will allow you to get as much information as possible. This is important because it will ensure that you are repairing exactly what has been specified. There have been circumstances where our level 2 electricians have been instructed to repair items that were not part of the defect notice. This can be a mistake that costs you unnecessary money

Most commonly a Defect Repair Notice left by the energy provider can be rectified or repaired within 2 business days. If the works are urgent repairs we can come out on the same day usually within the hour

Most commonly no. Defect Repairs are most commonly minor repair jobs. But if the repairs involve major works this is where a repair can cost thousands of dollars. It is best to contact the energy provider and specify exactly why the Defect Notice was issued first before calling a Level 2 electrician to come out and fix the defect

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