Electrical power Disconnection

Electrical Disconnect

Loax provide a range of electrical disconnection options from the main service providers. Get a same day disconnection service from the grid by a licensed Loax level 2 ASP electrician. Our team provides disconnection services from the  mains for both aerial and underground power. Look to Loax for a fast, reliable and cost friendly electrical disconnect, geared to getting new builds, substantial renovations and existing properties services disconnected safely and in accordance with the NSW safety standard. 

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Energy Australia Disconnection

Providing all Energy Australia disconnection services types. The Energy Australia disconnection fee varies on property type but we are a household name in electrical disconnections for the Energy Australia team

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Ausgrid Disconnection

Providing all Ausgrid disconnection services types. The Ausgrid disconnection fee varies on property type but we are a household name in electrical disconnections for the Ausgrid team


Endeavour Energy Disconnection

Providing all Endeavour Energy disconnection services types. The Endeavour Energy disconnection fee varies on property type but we are a household name in electrical disconnections for the Endeavour Energy team

Origin Energy Disconnection

Providing all Origin Energy disconnection services types. The Origin Energy disconnection fee varies on property type but we are a household name in electrical disconnections for the Origin Energy team

Electricity For Building & Construction

Disconnecting Power During Building Construction

When embarking on any construction project, whether residential or commercial, it’s imperative to prioritize safety and adhere to regulations. Disconnecting power during building construction is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety of workers, minimizing electrical hazards, and complying with legal requirements.

Electrical Safety Procedures

Disconnecting power during construction eliminates the risk of accidental electrocution. Construction sites often involve heavy machinery, tools, and equipment that can pose a significant electrical hazard. By isolating power sources, you create a safer working environment for contractors and labourers.

Efficient Construction, Eliminating Power Surges and Fire Protection

Power disconnection allows for more efficient construction processes. Contractors can work without worrying about active electrical lines, reducing the need for constant safety precautions and allowing for faster progress. Disconnecting power during building construction is a non-negotiable aspect of responsible construction management. It ensures the safety of workers, compliance with legal requirements, and protection of electrical infrastructure. By prioritising this essential step, you create a secure and efficient construction environment, ultimately contributing to the success and longevity of your project.

Need Mains Power Turned OFF?

Ensure your property’s safety and compliance with our Level 2 disconnection services. As property owners, you understand the importance of electrical safety. Our accredited Level 2 electricians specialize in seamless disconnection services. Whether you’re renovating, relocating, or need a temporary power cut off, we’ve got you covered. Our experts ensure a hassle-free and compliant process, adhering to all local regulations. Protect your property from electrical hazards, streamline your projects, and maintain peace of mind with our faster and efficient Level 2 disconnection services. Your property deserves the best, and we deliver safety and expertise you can trust.

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"Loax" Your Local Level 2 ELECTRICIAN ASP

A typical electrician is accredited to work on overhead and underground lines so long as they are disconnected form mains source of power. However, an ASP (Accredited Service Provider) in other words a Level 2 Electrician is licensed to provide a property with mains power, obtained on the street either through a green box (pillar) or an existing private power pole. Mains can be supplied through overhead or underground electrical cables or it could be a UGOH (underground to overhead service). Most importantly, Level 2 Electricians are involved in the construction of the service line between the distribution and connection to the premises. You’ll need a level electrician for an electrical disconnect

LOAX Level 2 - We'll Get It Done

Struggling to find a Level 2 Electrician to get out to you when you need them? We are fast efficient and priced to beat most competitors prices. If you haven’t compared then give us a call for a quote. Our same day electrical services provide a fast electrical service no matter the size or scale of the job

Same Day Connection

Same day connection once projects are complete or if you've just moved in to your property

Same Day Disconnection

Planning a new build on a construction site or project. Or possibly renovating?

Same Day Reconnections

Once the project is nearing completion we can have mains power back up and running quickly.

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What is a point of attachment or poa?

The Point Of Attachment (POA) refers to the point at which the overhead or underground electrical service cables meet at your property’s consumer mains. The POA can be identified at the front of the premise connected to the roof’s edge in most circumstances. It can also be from atop of a private pole or straight onto a meter board in the OGOH configuration. POA usually could be found at the eaves or run into a Green Box or Private Power Pole. Depending on the amount of power required for the property, single phase (240 volts) or three-phase power (415 volts), will be connected by the electrician to the premises. On most residential single dwellings and smaller multi dwelling the service I will be no greater than 100Amps. Larger blocks, factories and warehouse that require over 100Amps will need to provide a special application to the energy provider. Our Level 2 Electrician will provide a bracket at the POA when completing a consumer’s mains connection. Moreover, our electrician will also install a galvanised fascia or rafter bracket, depending on what’s appropriate for you – in a position which is most suitable on the property. If you’d like to see the rules for POA’s, you can look at the NSW rulebook here, on pages 6

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Electricity Disonnection

Electricity disconnection is a crucial service in managing electrical safety and compliance. Whether for routine maintenance, renovations, or relocating, professional electricity disconnection ensures that power is safely and temporarily disconnected from your property. This process minimizes the risk of electrical accidents and safeguards both occupants and workers. Expert technicians handle all aspects of electricity disconnection, following stringent safety protocols and adhering to local regulations. By opting for professional electricity disconnection services, you can confidently manage electrical infrastructure changes without compromising safety or compliance, ensuring a secure environment for all involved parties.

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general level 2 construction projects

There are three services that a home owner will need to disconnect before knocking down a house to build a new one or doing a major renovations. So, what are these three things? Well, you’ll need to disconnect the mains power, your water and gas. Your electrical meter will be abolished and a temporary builders line and meter will be installed for temporary electrical service during the construction phase. Need a disconnection service to build your new home or renovate your property? Our prompt and experienced ASP level 2 service will help you start you on the right path to ensure that the process is stress free. For a free quote, contact us

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