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Green electrical boxes can be dangerous and hazardous if broken or needing repairs, our level 2 electrical services maintain, repair and install the green electrical box you see across neighbourhoods in Australia. Our Sydney team is available to you 24 hours to provide our electrical expertise in green box installation for maintenance and repair services. If you’d like to hear more, shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you with a free quote

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Level 2 Underground Power Installation and Supply Services Sydney

For all new projects and builds our Level 2 Electrical Services will ensure power is supplied via underground services and connected through your electrical services provider. We can connect mains power through a private power pole or green electrical box (green pillar) connection

Green pillar / green electrical box installations & repairers in Sydney and regional nsw

What is a Green Electrical Box? (Green Pillar)


Green Pillars are alternatives to overhead mains power supply. A Green Pillar is used when the supply of main power from the grid is routed underground as opposed to an overhead or aerial supply route

Green electrical boxes (Green Pillars) have recently been adopted for most new large scale projects building housing estates. Traditionally Green Pillars/Boxes have been used for high rise residential and commercial buildings. Loax have been involved with both stages of the electrical supply chain and are experts in green pillar installation and connection

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