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Our Level 2 electricians are experts in Electrical Service Location. Our tools and expertise can quickly identify and tag mains, sub mains and general power services. If you need to identify underground wires and cabling get in touch with Loax today to locate electrical cabling and sources within your home

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This essential service is instrumental in various industries, including construction, utilities, and telecommunications, where knowing the exact position of buried electrical wires is crucial for project planning and execution. Additionally, it enhances public safety by preventing accidental disruptions and minimising the risk of electrical hazards during construction or maintenance work. Overall, our service to locate electrical wiring underground are indispensable in facilitating efficient and safe underground operations in our increasingly interconnected world.


Locating Electrical Services For All Property Types including Residential and Commercial

Our service to locate electrical wiring underground plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of modern infrastructure. Loax’s specialised locating services employ cutting-edge technology and highly trained professionals to accurately pinpoint the precise location of electrical wires buried beneath the earth’s surface. By utilising electromagnetic and radio frequency equipment, they can detect underground wires without the need for excavation, preventing costly damage and downtime. If you need a fast locating service for electrical wiring and cables contact Loax the Level 2 electrical experts


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At Loax, our Level 2 ASP Electricians are trained in various facets of locating and installing electrical equipment that suits your needs. Our level 2 electrical services catered to all types of property including residential, commercial and industrial. Check out our projects and works down below. Being a licensed level 2 electrician and accredited with Ausgrid and Endeavor allows us the ability to locate electrical services without needing to shut down your site. Locating electrical services don’t have to be destructive, we utilize sophisticated instruments to passively detect cables and conduits. Electrical microwaves, radar and frequencies are passed through earth stakes and the ground to map out what’s going on beneath your feet. Overhead services require different equipment that are also passive and non destructive.

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