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Out of our wide range of available services, our most commonly offered service is meter box upgrades, installations and meter box replacements. Meter boxes last for roughly 10-20 years, but can last even longer with regular maintenance to make the components last. At Loax Level 2 Electrical Services we upgrade older meter box to newer units, replace faulty meter boxes and meter box components, and remove dangerous asbestos from your meter box. If you need a meter box upgraded, installed or repaired, let us know and we’ll get right back to you with a free quote for our competitively priced services

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Meter Box Upgrade

Recent Meter box Upgrades Completed For Sydney Customers

Switchboard upgrade replacement and installation Sydney

A local meter box upgrade & installation completed in Sydney. Our customer required a temporary power connection, but also a small meter box to use once project was completed. This way, we’ve ensured they save money on a whole new meter box and meter board at a later stage

Our expert level 2 electrical services are thorough. We don’t miss important details which could be a potential hazard for customers and their families. Our meter box upgrades consist of quality. Using reputable parts such as Clipsal, HPM & Schneider which each have an extensive warranty.

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How Do We Upgrade Your Meter Box?

Meter Box Upgrade & Installation - Our Simple 4 Step Process

First Step - Testing and Identifying

Our very first step once we are onsite is to very carefully identify each component of the meter box and clearly label them. Even a single incorrectly connected or crossed wire can be very dangerous. We check that all the components of the meter box all work properly and have a look for anything else that might be a problem, such as frayed wire or waterproofing issues.

Second Step - Disconnect Power

After evaluating the condition of the meter box and ensuring that it'll be safe for our technician's to work, we carefully disconnect power from the street, which stops any power from coming through to the meter box and the site. Once we're sure there's no power, we can begin the installation

Third Step - Removal and Installation

Loax level 2 electricians commence installation. We remove the old meter box and replace any old or unsafe parts in the meter box. We then install the meter box back into place and reconnect all of the wiring and the fuses.

Fourth Step - Connect Power & Test

Once the meter box is in, we carefully reconnect power to the street and thoroughly test the new meter box at every point, making sure that's it's safe and able to last. Once we know all is good, we clean up and your new meter box is all ready to go

Replacement of a Damaged Meter Boxes

A damaged meter box poses serious risks such as electrical fires, shocks, and power outages. It can lead to property damage, personal injury, and even fatalities if left unaddressed. If you know that your meter box is damaged, it hasn’t been upgraded for a long time or you have any other concerns, reach out to us today for a free quote to replace your damaged meter box. Here at Loax, our qualified and experienced technicians can perform the service quickly and safely for only about $2000, ensuring that you and your loved ones stay safe

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The Regulation and Maintenance of a Meter Box

As the owner of a meter box, it’s important that you keep a watchful eye on the condition of your meter box. It's important for you to do this as your meter box contains a lot of electrical safety devices, that when faulty can endanger you or your family. It’s a good idea to check on your meter box once a month, by having a quick look for any damage or any wear and tear, and to test the
What is an RCD?
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An RCD, or Residual Current Device, is a device that automatically switches off a circuit if there is a fault. You'll recognize them as a safety switch with a test button on your sub-board.

, by turning them on and off again. Ideally, they should immeditaely turn off all power they're connected to, and reset eveyrhting when turned back on. If you do find a problem, it’s very important to not disturb it and call a licensed level 2 electrician as soon as you can. Faulty meter boxes are dangerous and pose a very serious safety risk, thankfully however our highly experienced electricians are equipped with the skills to handle it, and are only a quick phone call away.

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The Components of your Meter Box

Main Supply Fuses are an integral part of your home or worksite’s safety, designed to safely stop the flow of electricity if a dangerous influx of electricity comes through. Main fuses are most commonly 100 amps, but may be 80 on smaller sites, or up to 400 if you have a larger or commercial site. Ceramic fuses, found on older Meter Box, need to be upgraded to safer and more reliable circuit breakers

Neutral blocks house all the neutrals which sends power back to the substation. When a neutral block is faulty or broken, power instead travels into its surroundings, and can instead shock you

Meter’s are used to record the electrical energy used by your settlement. Faulty meter can cause you to be overcharged for electricity, or even face legal trouble, and should be replaced quickly

Circuit Breaker’s and RCD’s protect both you and circuits from fluctuations in power by interrupting circuits when a current gets to an unsafe level. RCD’s can be used over and over again, but naturally will wear over time, becoming unsafe

Earthing provides a safe path into the ground for an electrical current in the event of a system fault, protecting you from being shocked or worse. Faulty earthing is extremely dangerous and should be repaired immediately

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"My meter box was super old and basically falling off the wall. Tony from Loax came out and replaced the board within the day. super clean and friendly, would definitely go to them again
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