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Loax provides a range of electrical connections, one of the most common is a private power pole installation. Our power poles installations are neat, tidy and secure. They last a lifetime and can be installed safely and securely by one of our expert private power pole installers. Our prices are more affordable, in comparison to our competitors, and our work is backed by an extensive installation warranty. Get a free quote for your power pole installation below

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Private Pole Installation Works Across Sydney

Private Pole Installation Parramatta

Private power pole installation Newcastle. Once installation of a brand new power pole was completed we added a temporary power connection for the construction site. A very common job we provide across NSW for new residential, commercial and industrial new builds.

Private power pole installation in Sydney. Our customer needed a power pole replacement service as her connection at the point of attachment had become loose and dangerous. We disconnected the mains power from the point of attachment and installed a brand new pole pictured above.

private-power-pole-installation-cost-Sydney-power pole installed by licensed electrician after quote

Private power pole installation Hunters Hill. This job required a disconnection from the mains power lines and we took the opportunity to take this great photo which highlights the magnificent  Sydney Harbour Bridge nestled in the background.

How Do We Install Your Private Power Pole?

Private Power Pole Installation - Our Simple 4 Step Process

First Step - Disconnection

Our very first step once we are onsite is to disconnect the power. We evaluate a number of safety concerns of course and commence the disconnection process. If we need to access the overhead power lines this is not an issue. We use our bucket lift to access the power lines

Second Step - Remove Existing Structure

Typically we may need to replace an existing structure or remove debris. This is done in preparation for digging a trench to drop the new private pole in place. We also do BYDA checks prior to breaking dirt

Third Step - Installation

Loax level 2 electricians commence installation. We place the new pole into the prepared trench. Making sure all measurements and requirements are met. We then concrete the base ensuring adequate sturdiness and support. Our mixing is done onsite during installation

Fourth Step - Power Connection

Finally we provide all necessary components including the J hook and safety stickers. We conduct a complete sweep of the area, ensuring safety . We attach the overhead power lines to the private power pole ensuring a tight connection. Afterwards we test on completion

Private Power Pole Replacement

Private Power Pole Replacement

Homes with overhead supply from power poles on the street can have service mains connected directly to the house with a bracket on the eave or fascia.

A better solution is for the service cable to first come to a electricity pole front of the house or commercial unit and then underground to the building. You can also run the consumer mains from the private power pole installed to the house electrical bracket.

The benefit of running a cable to the private power pole installed at the front of boundary is it’s safer and cleaner. It’s also easier to maintain and repair. It reduced the chance crossing neighbors boundary or coming in contact with vegetation and vehicle.

At Loax, our experienced level 2 electricians can provide consultation and service regarding replacing and installing private power poles at you home or business.

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The Regulation and Maintenance of a Private Power Pole

In NSW, the owners of private power poles must take responsibility for maintaining, inspecting and ensuring the pole is not a safety hazard. If the pole is a timber pole, It is recommended to regularly check your private power pole at least once a year, particularly during bush fire and storm seasons. 

Each owner must ensure that all pole components are well fitted, do not show signs of deterioration, and do not pose a risk of touching vegetation or other objects that could cause disruption and damage. If you’re unsure, our Level 2 Electrician are able consult and help you identifying issues relating to private power pole installation. enquire today! 

The Costs of Private Power Pole Installation

The costs of installing and replacing a private power pole may vary depending on the size, specification and location.

Generally it costs between $800 and $1,800 for a steal galvanized pole that’s 100mm in diameter and 6 meters in length. While the cost can vary it usually pretty standard to pay around $800 to $1000. Cost variation is based mainly on the ability to access the property, excavation ease, private pole interference and ease of connection. 

Materials are pretty standard for a private power pole which only leaves slight variances for installation as all property types have their own differences. Loax however is upfront, fair and most importantly honest with quoting a private power pole installation. We try to keep our quotes universal and most times we take on any additional charges if they are slight variations. We aim to do right by customers as we know all too well the horror stories experienced by our Sydney based customers. 

private-power-pole-installation-cost-Sydney-power pole installed by licensed electrician after quote
"The new private power pole installed looks great. We had a lot of issues with the previous power lines and was a safety concern. Loax's Level 2 team were out onsite within 24 hours of calling replacing my overhead connection with a brand new power pole. Did not cost much and super happy with the final installation. Great job guys "
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