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Are you need of any Sub Mains Services in Sydney? Well, Loax are here to help. From repairing and installing to completing any and all Mains Electrical Service and Sub Mains Service Supply, Loax is the local Sydney based team of level 2 electrical experts for the job. If you need help with your next project or site get in touch now for a free quote

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Level 2 Mains Power and Sub Mains Power Services Include


Main Board Upgrade

Switchboards & sub board repairs and installations


New Service Cabling

Electrical Underground and Overhead


Earthing System

Safe site Earthing System


Undeground Cabling

New Underground Development


Solar Meter Upgrade

Smart Metering, smart site


Service Fuse Upgrade

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

what is a main board upgrade?

Main Board Upgrades

Electrical meter boards are the location where main connections from an electrical service provide is connected to the site electrical apparatus. Poor connections result in fires and faulty electrical services.

It is crucial for a meter board to be tested often to ensure the safe operation of an electrical system.

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what are service cables?

New Service Cabling

Electrical Consumer Mains, whether overhead mains or underground electrical service, will deteriorate and corrode over time and can cause electrical issues if unattended too.

Loax Level 2 Electricians is here to repair your faulty, old and worn underground and overhead mains electrical cables, just give us a ring and we’ll get right to business

what is an earthing system?

Earthing System

An electrical earthing system is in place to protect you from electrocution, by redirecting electricity into the Earth if a fault occurs. It has to be well connected and in good condition to help protect people and equipment in case of an electrical fault.

Our Loax level 2 technicians will test all earthing system as a part of our general upkeep and major services to premises we provide, but If you’re still unsure if your system is working safely, please call us and we will test your electrical earthing system.

are my mains power cables underground?

Underground Cabling

Underground electrical cabling is an alternative for aesthetics purposes and generally a safe way for consumer mains and submains to be run on a site.  At times, underground cabling is difficult to locate. Moreover, when these cables are damaged, it is hard to detect the exact point of the damage. 

However, at Loax, with our capable team of electricians and specialised equipment to spot damaged cables, there’s no one better to take the task. You can feel safe knowing we’re  quickly pinpointing the problem underground and fixing it right up for you


do i need to upgrade my switchboard for solar?

Solar Meter Upgrade

A new solar system is great for saving money and reducing you carbon footprint. We can help upgrade you meter to a smart digital meter for optimal use of your new solar system and easy access to system information via apps.

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are my service fuses ok?

Service Fuse Upgrade

Electrical service fuse is a vital component of a well working electrical system. It supplies electrical power to all the appliances and devices in your property.

Like any other items, your service fuse can become faulty, burnt up, damaged and even deteriorate due to aging. When this occurred, a disconnection service in the event of over supply is required to ensure safety of people and equipment. 

Our Level 2 ASP electricians, will help you identify the fault and issue with the service fuse and offer a service in upgrading the service fuse if necessary. 

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Located in the heart of Sydney, our level 2 ASP electrician services can come out to your job site fast. We provide a range of services relating to Level 2 electrical works at the cheapest Level 2 electrical service price. 

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