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Smart Meter Installation

Smart meters are a modern solution that revolutionizes the way we monitor and manage our energy consumption. Unlike traditional meters, smart meters offer real-time data on electricity and gas usage, enabling homeowners and utility providers to make informed decisions. Once installed, you gain access to detailed insights into your electricity usage via online portals or mobile apps. Invest in a smart meter installation today to track usage patterns, identify energy-saving opportunities, and reduce costs. 

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How Does A Smart Meter Work? And Is It The Right Choice For You?

A smart meter is a device that digitally measures the usage of electricity energy consumed in premises. In addition, it also reads information such as voltage levels, current, and power.

The smart meter reads this data and sends the information back to the energy provider without the need to read the meter reader manually. Connections and disconnections can be turned on and off remotely without the need of a technician. This cuts off the costs of reading, connection and disconnections fees. 

Smart meters transmit data to your energy provider digitally which charged accurately based on the exact amount use. Furthermore, it will efficiently identify electrical outages and notify the source provider which means faster handlings and repairs.

Solar Meter Installation

A cheaper source of electricity 

Installing a solar smart meter is a savvy choice for those with solar panels. This advanced technology goes beyond a standard meter, offering real-time data on your solar energy production and consumption. With precise insights into your electricity usage, you can optimize when to use solar power, reducing reliance on the grid and ultimately lowering utility bills. Moreover, solar smart meters simplify the installation process, making it more efficient and cost-effective. They also facilitate remote monitoring, allowing you to track your system's performance from anywhere. In essence, a solar smart meter installation empowers you to harness solar energy intelligently, promoting both sustainability and financial savings. Installing a smart meter allows solar panels and batteries to be installed in your property. A smart meter works exceptionally well with solar panels. The consumer can identify the energy coming from their solar installations and how much is imported from or exported to the grid. In Australia, solar panels provide
a cheaper source of electricity
How Much Am I Really Saving?
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Depending on your usage and your system, you can expect to save over $1000 every year from your solar panels, or even more with the help of a solar meter

. and help Australians reduce their electrical and gas bill significantly, since the increase of 107% in electrical rates and 40% in household gas rates in Sydney since June 2013.
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Can I Get A Smart Meter Installation With My Meter Box Upgrade Or Repair?

Yes! You can absolutely get them done together. Older meter boxes, which are still in millions of houses in Sydney, have ceramic components which prone to catching fire, which means the old meter boxes can be potentially dangerous due to the fire risk and shock hazard, so we in fact recommend getting new, much safer, smart meter’s installed when we’re upgrading or repairing your meter box.

If you’d like to see more information about our meter box upgrades, repairs and installations, click here, which will take you to our page on the subject, where you’ll find all the information you’ll need


How Does A Smart Meter Work?

New smart meter works perfectly with my solar setup, BJ and his team did a good job from communication to installation. Highly reccomend!
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