Temporary Power Supply For Construction Site

Temporary Power Connection

Many Builders need quick, temporary power for construction sites, big & small. We at Loax  provide temporary power supply for construction site projects and works, as well as new building connections for projects Sydney wide. Don’t leave your site power to the last minute. Organise a temporary power connection and board for your construction site before you break ground, and we’ll have your board ready and installed on time, every time.

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So What is Temporary Power For Construction Sites?

A temporary power board installation is great way to ensuring your construction site or building project, has enough power for the duration of your construction. Our level 2 ASP electricians are qualified to provide temporary high-voltage power connections and disconnectionA power board will along with a two-meter temporary pole if required, will be installed on the site. It will be connected to the local electrical network as to provide electricity for tools, equipment and appliances when installed. Additionally the power pole is erected into the ground in a place where is best accessible for everyone and in a way which assures stability. The temporary power board or temporary meter box is installed initially attached to the power pole. Alternatively it can be a standalone setup as pictured in our gallery at the further down this page

Temporary Power Supply For Construction Site Temporary Power Board Hire Sydney electrician near me
Temporary Power Supply For Construction Site Temp Power Board-Hire-Sydney

How Does Temporary Power Work With My Construction Site?

Whether your project is a residential or commercial construction site, having temporary power is essential. Depending on your power output and needs, our level 2 ASP electricians provide a temporary board large enough to power the whole site during construction. Another key point is that all temporary power boards are primarily made up of a mobile meter box which is built in our warehouse. Additionally we add RCD’s, circuit breakers and all the necessary safety equipment that would normally sit in a meter box installation. Loax then deliver the enclosed temporary power box to your site. Finally we install it where it is not in the way of construction and machinery. As a result our team run power to the board from the mains power. 

Can I Keep The Temporary Board After Construction is Complete?

Absolutely. This board can be used if requested as a fixed meter box to the site, once construction is completed. All metering applications and services are also completed by our Level 2 electricians prior to temporary power delivery. So on completion of the construction site and prior to handover, our Level 2 electrician will set up mains power with the same board.

Temporary Site Power Connection For Construction Site Installation Sydney

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Don't Forget Your Temporary Power Board

Our boards are tested and tagged monthly by our qualified electricians. Loax will take care of everything from A to Z starting with an application to obtain an NMI number for your site and we will co-ordinate with the retailer of your choice to make sure your application is fast tracked and approved. Once the build or project is completed, we can also replace the temporary pole with a permanent private pole if you wish, and connect the consumer mains directly to your meter box, providing you with permanent power. Loax makes hiring a temporary board easy.

Temporary Power Supply For Construction Site

Don’t get limited to what tools and equipment your site can use. Batteries run out quickly. Most tools need chargers and some even need constant electricity. Make sure your site is equipped with temporary construction site power with a temporary board hired through our team. We set it up and drop it off. We get the temporary board connected to your mains and ready for your tradies to start work. Time is money and having to go off site to test and charge tools is costing you money. Temporary boards are the trade secret to getting your build completed on time and on budget.

alternative options to temporary power include a private power pole installation

Private Power Pole Installation

Many customers working on construction sites and projects opt for a temporary power pole to be installed at the beginning of the project. This is also an option if planning on installing a private power pole on site prior to handover

Temporary Power Pole Installation

The installation of a private power pole is included as part of our services and works hand in hand with your temporary power connection. We still provide a meter box and box with all the connections but we attach the meter box and box to the private power pole

Loax Power Pole Installation Cost

Pricing is flexible and we offer fantastic discounts to our construction site partners and building contractors. To find out how much you can save by combining both a private power pole and temporary power when building your next project get in touch with our expert Level 2 electricians

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What Our Construction Customers Are Saying

Loax has been assisting us with our new construction sites for a few years now. The first call we make is to Beajan and his boys for to disconnect our power and setup a temporary construction site power board. The boards are fully equipped and we install them once complete. Really recommend them to anyone building and Loax are the team that just get it done no questions asked
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Sam Cho
Nue Builds - Newcastle

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