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Loax’s level 2 services include the installation of underground power lines from the street to your house or business. We ensure all power lines are run correctly and in accordance with BSCAA guidelines and regulations. We can run single phase or 3 phase power lines in all Sydney  & regional NSW suburbs

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What is Underground Power Line Installation?

An underground power line installation is the alternative to having a private pole on the premise to harbour an aerial connection. We also offer our customers the option of having their power supplied through underground means. This means the electrical connection coming into the property is all hidden under ground. Most homes do opt for a private power pole installation and supply, while other simply use the point of attachment which is located overhead. Overhead connections are connected to the eaves or properties fascia

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Providing underground power is achieved by digging a trench from the green box that is closest to your property to where the meter board is located. Consumer main cable is protected in conduit 500mm below ground as per NSW Government regulations and then backfilled. Furthermore, depending on the property and its layout, the best route will be taken to lay the cable which is most efficient and appropriate.

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Who are The Experts in Underground Power Connection?

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What Are The Benefits of Underground Power Line Installation?

Aerial Connection vs Underground Connection

Although there are so many properties located in Sydney and locations such as Newcastle and Wollongong which are opting for private power poles or aerial connections. The ideal connection is underground power line connections. Why? simply put it eliminates so many hazards and costs much less in ongoing maintenance. Poles will deteriorate or become loose at times but an underground connection is always more secure and longer lasting. Not to mention it eliminates messy overhead cables which may be a hazard to machinery and trucks 

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